At Long Island IVF, we provide the most comprehensive and clinically sound fertility testing and treatments.

We start by performing a complete review of our patients' medical records and a careful assessment of their individual fertility status.

Discounted Fertility Medication Programs

Fertility drugs are a very necessary part of the fertility treatment process; however, patients often lack coverage for the medications they need as part of their treatment plan. We are committed to working with patients who find themselves without a fertility drug benefit to identify the absolute best, low cost option for them. We are pleased to present information on the following options available through our center. Our Medications Coordinator will work closely with you to identify the best possible option for you.

Options for Self-Pay Patients

Prescription Savings Benefit for Self-Pay Patients - Sponsored by: EMD Serono
Savings on Gonal -F and other EMD Serono products at the participating local pharmacy of your choice -Good for multiple cycles"

GO Direct to Savings - Sponsored by EMD Serono
Discount via email rebate off of out of pocket costs for Gonal-f, Ovidrel, and Cetrotide


Dedicated to providing the best value for elective pharmaceutical products. DesignRx® partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers through its elite network of specialty pharmacies to offer unique programs to help patients with little or no drug coverage. The DesignRx® programs are structured to support all stake holders in the healthcare continuum including patients, drug manufacturers, pharmacies, and providers. The DesignRx® pharmacies are carefully chosen to participate in the network based on their distribution volumes, geographical locations, experience within a given disease state, and overall patient customer service. DesignRx® prides itself on preserving pharmacy choice for both patients and providers, which leads to healthy competition and increased quality of service. Fertility medications available through DesignRx® include:

  • Crinone®
  • Follistim® AQ Cartridge
  • Follistim® AQ Vial
  • Ganirelix Acetate Injection
  • Leuprolide Acetate Injection
  • Pregnyl
  • Conception KitTM
  • Limbrel®
For more information about the services and products available thru DesignRx®, please click here.

Options for Insured Patients

Co-Pay Savings Card - Sponsored by: EMD Serono
Patients must have a prescription drug benefit that covers Gonal-f and a valid Gonal-f prescription offer - Good for repeat use - Cannot be combined with any other rebate, coupon, free trial or similar - Save $200 on your prescription co-pay.

Compassionate Care

Available on an as needed basis for those who financially qualify.

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