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Eeva Research Study Is Recruiting LIIVF Patients


The MultiCenter Registry with Eeva™ (MERGE) Research Study is currently recruiting patients at Long Island IVF.

Eeva: The Early Embryo Viability Assessment Test is a test to be used by IVF laboratories to analyze early embryo development and to aid in the selection of the best embryo for transfer. At the heart of Eeva is software that was designed to assess critical difference in early embryo growth and determine an embryo’s viability and the potential for further development.

The Eeva Test was developed based on landmark research conducted at Stanford University which discovered that early embryo growth events can predict embryo development and reflect the underlying health of the embryo.

Auxogyn Inc. recently completed a multi-center clinical trial using Eeva with 54 patients and 758 embryos. The results from the trial supported that when embryologists used Eeva in conjunction with their traditional techniques they were able to correctly identify non-viable embryos 86% of the time vs. only 58% of the time without using Eeva .

The goal of the MERGE study is to record and evaluate the use of traditional embryo grading techniques combined with Eeva in the treatment of in vitro fertilization.

If you are interested in participating in this research, please contact Long Island IVF at 631-752-0606 or and ask for the Auxogyn study coordinator for more information.

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