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Mind/Body Fertility Enhancement Support Sessions


Presented by: Bina Benisch, M.S., R.N.
What’s it all about?
Infertility can be one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life. How has this stress affected your deepest sense of self, as well as your relationship with your spouse, significant other, family, friends, and colleagues? The impact of stress hormones may affect a woman’s physiological state and ability to conceive. Recent research on the relationship between psychological distress and IVF success indicates that pre-cycle distress is associated with lower pregnancy rates. – Alice Domar, Ph.D., Director of Mind/Body Center for Women’s Health at Boston IVF. 
Dr. Domar, through her Mind/Body programs, has helped thousands of women who have suffered with infertility issues. These women have now learned life-long skills and to utilize these new tools to help lift symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, and stress. 
By utilizing Dr. Domar’s techniques, you may enhance your chances of conception as well as achieve a sense of inner calm. This is achieved by eliciting the Relaxation Response – a state where stress hormone levels fall, muscle tension relaxes, and the mind becomes open, quiet and more tranquil. The relaxation response is mediated by the hypothalamus, the same part of the brain which regulates all aspects of reproduction. The release of stress hormones may inhibit release of reproductive hormones. We therefore want to reduce stress hormone levels as much as possible to facilitate reproduction and pregnancy.
Finally, a safe place to share the unique concerns of infertility, you will learn: Techniques of stress reduction such as eliciting the relaxation response through breath work, meditation, and communication.
All women struggling with fertility issues are encouraged and invited to attend.
Sessions are held at the Long Island IVF office at 245 Newtown Rd. Plainview, N.Y., and meet weekly. For more information, please contact:  Bina Benisch ~ 631- 397-0096  or via email:

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