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Infertility Support Group for Men


Long Island IVF Infertility Support Group for Men
Presented by Bina Benisch, M.S., R.N.
Free Bi-Monthly Men’s Infertility Support Group Is a First on Long Island
“Infertility strikes men and women equally,” says David Kreiner, M.D. “And regardless of who has the diagnosis, both partners can benefit from emotional support.”
Men – Do you ever wonder when exactly is the right time to vent your own reactions and feelings without being judged or concerned about saying the wrong thing?
The time is now. Come in and express your perspective with other men in the same position. Or just come in for the support.
·       The fertility struggle often places a strain on relationships and on life in general.
·       It can be difficult to know how best to support your partner.
·       How do you deal with the emotions your partner expresses?
·       Can you find your focus and your own feelings, or are they overshadowed by the need to be supportive?
In sharing how infertility affects them, their relationships, and each man’s deepest sense of self, these men experience support and insight, as well as the ability to support each other during what can be an isolating and difficult time.
Men need their own space to acknowledge their feelings about being the other equal half of a couple struggling with fertility. In this present moment, you may or may not know what it is you want to say, but coming down to this session will be a great support for you. Additionally, your presence can be inspiring and helpful for other men in your position.
Our “Just for Guys” Mind Body Support group meets two Tuesdays a month at the Plainview office at 245 Newtown Rd. Led by Bina Benisch, M.S., R.N.
For more information and to join the Just for Guys Mind Body Support Group, please contact Bina Benisch at or call 631-397-0096

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