Public Votes Long Island IVF “Winner: Best in Vitro Fertility Practice” in Best of Long Island Contest


Melville, NY - February 26, 2015 - Long Island IVF is pleased to announce that it has been voted by the public as the “BEST IN VITRO FERTILITY PRACTICE” in the 10th Annual Best of Long Island 2015 Contest, sponsored by the Long Island Press. The winners were announced on January 22, 2015.

To win Best In Vitro Fertility Practice, Long Island IVF first had to be among the top fertility practices nominated by the public for the honor. Then, after a two-month-long voting process, Long Island IVF had to receive more public votes than all of its nominated competitors.

“This is a huge honor, very huge. And very humbling, because we were chosen by the public vote,” said Dr. Daniel Kenigsberg, a reproductive endocrinologist and founding co-partner of Long Island IVF. “There are some very talented reproductive endocrinologists in New York, so being named the best fertility practice is particularly gratifying. We really have to thank our past and current patients, their families, our peers, and everyone else who voted for us for making this happen.”

“We’ve been blessed with a large and loyal patient following since we brought Long Island its first IVF baby 26 years ago” echoed Dr. David Kreiner, a reproductive endocrinologist and founding co-partner of Long Island IVF. “And the idea that our older “babies” were out there voting is pretty mind-blowing,” he laughed. “At the end of the day, I think it’s our unique combination of cutting-edge medical technology and personalized emotional support that really resonates with couples struggling with infertility. We treat the whole patient and we do it in a warm, non-institutional setting. Of course, our success rates help as well.”

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About Long Island IVF:
Long Island IVF, with several offices on Long Island and one in Brooklyn, is the fertility practice responsible for bringing Long Island its first IVF baby, first baby from a cryopreserved embryo, and first donor egg baby and is celebrating almost 27 years of medically-assisted family-building on Long Island. Visit our website at or The Fertility Daily blog at

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